For companies who wish to become PEPPOL service providers (AP/SMP)

As a PEPPOL Authority agency, ESV is responsible for signing agreements with companies who wish to become an Access Point (AP) and/or a Service Metadata Publishing Provider (SMP). Service providers must follow the steps below.

1. Contact ESV and report your interest in becoming an AP and/or SMP in PEPPOL.

2. Apply for membership of OpenPEPPOL. Membership of OpenPEPPOL is a condition for becoming AP and/or SMP in PEPPOL. You can obtain the application forms by contacting OpenPEPPOL, more information about this and contact information on the OpenPEPPOL website.

3. Depending on whether you wish to become an AP and/or SMP, download the relevant agreements as well as Annex 1-6 in the right-hand column. The agreement is called the Transport Infrastructure Agreement (TIA).

4. Apply for a PILOT certificate via the OpenPEPPOL service desk.

5. The signed AP and/or SMP agreement/s will be sent on hard copy by post in two signed originals to ESV (see the postal address at the bottom of the page). Please note that all signatures must be from authorised company signatories.

6 a. If you wish to become an AP, a PILOT certificate (test certificate) will be sent to you after the application via the OpenPEPPOL service desk. Then you can undertake your acceptance test for AP via DIFI.

6 b. When you have taken the acceptance test and DIFI have informed ESV that you have been accepted as an AP, please order a production certificate (version 2) via the OpenPEPPOL service desk. There is no acceptance test for SMP's, so please order a SMP production certificate once you have been accepted as an AP.  

6 c. If you wish to become a SMP, please fill in the SMP Test Plan (see the right-hand column) and send it to

7. ESV signs the TIA agreement the service provider has submitted and returns a copy of the agreement to the service provider. With this, the service provider is a formally approved PEPPOL participant.

8. Once the on boarding process is complete, the company can begin acting in the role of AP and/or SMP, through the PEPPOL e-delivery Network.


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