PEPPOL offers complete solutions for e-purchasing

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line and is a European electronic purchasing network that facilitates e-tendering and e-procurement providing easy connectivity for new business partners and managing messages between different solutions. The non-profit organization OpenPEPPOL manages and further develops the solution.

PEPPOL consists of several different elements that make electronic purchasing easier:

  • Common standards for different messages in the purchase process such as price lists, orders and invoices. Support for e-tendering is now also emerging.
  • Common technical protocols for electronic communications and for transmitting messages between business partners' solutions.
  • Common registers that make it easy to find business partners connected to PEPPOL and which show how to conduct e-procurement with them.
  • Common rules for cooperation between business partners and their service providers. The rules apply to both service levels and business models.
  • A Pan-European organization with regional acceptance that develops, manages and provides support in PEPPOL-related issues.

PEPPOL is open to everyone and will soon be established throughout Europe. The Nordic region has the widest acceptance, but the solution is now moving rapidly into other parts of Europe.

Easier to connect new business partners

It is possible to use PEPPOL with existing E-procurement platforms to complement existing e-procurement solutions. Your IT provider must have connected its services to PEPPOL.

It is easy to find each other in PEPPOL. When you are connected to PEPPOL, you will be able to reach sellers and buyers across Europe. It is also easy to connect suppliers. There is no need to carry out tests for each new business relationship; you can get started on new feeds without complicated agreements.

Using PEPPOL, when you change your service provider you do not lose access to your business partners.

Solves the challenges of onboarding and roaming

No bilateral onboarding and roaming agreements are used in PEPPOL's e-delivery network. Instead, service providers sign a service provider agreement with a PEPPOL Authority agency. ESV is the PEPPOL Authority agency in Sweden.

Service providers are not entitled to refuse to receive messages from other service providers connected to PEPPOL. There are also no roaming charges between service providers. Business partners pay only their own costs for affiliation with PEPPOL. This is what is commonly called a 4-corner model.


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