Electronic Simple European Networked Services, E-SENS, is an EU project which aims to contribute to increasing access to public services across European borders, both for individuals and companies. E-SENS develops general IT solutions that have applications in many different areas. This will contribute to the creation of a common electronic market in Europe. ESV is leading and coordinating Sweden's participation.

The nations of today are becoming more and more digital. The future vision of a common electronic market in Europe is therefore well on its way to becoming a reality. Citizens and companies expect Europe's public agencies to follow the same trend.

A number of obstacles remain, as the countries have different technical solutions, standards and legal requirements. The goal of E-SENS is to take on these challenges and create a common infrastructure which offers a general solution for the exchange of public services across borders.

What does E-SENS involve?
E-SENS builds upon previous pilot projects E-CODEX, epSOS, SPOCS, STORK and PEPPOL, all of which developed e-Governance in the EU. However, their solutions were sector-specific. E-SENS will now compile, develop and disseminate the results from these technical solutions and instead create general solutions that can be used in a number of different sectors, in all EU countries.

To create a common infrastructure, E-SENS focuses on certain building blocks:

  • Electronic identification
  • Electronic signatures
  • Standardised templates for the exchange of information
  • Solutions for the electronic exchange of information
  • Test automation to verify that the technical solutions are functioning correctly.

These will be tested in real situations in the areas of healthcare, the judicial system, purchasing and procurement, and entrepreneurship. E-SENS will modernise and increase the efficiency of administration among EU agencies and facilitate access to care, for example, or establishing companies in other EU countries.

Sweden and ESV's role in E-SENS

Sweden has been an active participant in several of the previous pilot projects and is currently taking part in E-SENS in order to have its say in the development of EU-wide solutions for the electronic exchange of information in the concerned areas. We are first and foremost participating from a Nordic-Baltic perspective and have initiated cooperation with neighbouring countries.

By focusing on the areas which are of interest to all Nordic countries, we find there is a better chance of successful implementation and resource efficiency.

Sweden is looking into the possibility of participating in the following use cases:

  • Company registration
  • Common price and product catalogue for procurement and e-commerce
  • Electronic ordering and invoicing
  • Transferral of care costs abroad.

Sweden is represented in E-SENS by a consortium consisting of:

  • Bolagsverket, the Swedish Companies Registration Office 
  • ESV 
  • The Swedish Competition Authority
  • Lund University 
  • Stockholm University
  • Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR)
  • Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth - Tillväxtverket.

The government has commissioned ESV to lead and coordinate Sweden's participation in E-SENS.

To ensure E-SENS is well established in Sweden, ESV has also instituted a reference group and an expert group with participants from the public sector with an interest in the work and the results of E-SENS.


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