Sending electronic invoices to Ekonomistyrningsverket

All purchases within the public sector are required by law to be electronically invoiced (e-invoicing) according to a new European standard. This means that all suppliers to Ekonomistyrningsverket (ESV) must send e-invoices that comply with the new standard.

ESV uses the Swedish National Government Service Centre’s e-commerce service in Visma Proceedo with system provider Visma Commerce.

Please note that PDF files are not an approved format.

Electronic invoicing

Check with your supplier of accounting software or invoicing software/VAN operator whether they can send via the PEPPOL network.

Ekonomistyrningsverket’s address in PEPPOL:

Ekonomistyrningsverket are able to receive PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 (invoice and credit note).

Invoicing portal

If you are unable to send e-invoices use our invoicing portal free of charge to register them manually. Please contact to get an invitation to join the Visma Supplier Center.


For an invoice to reach the right person and to be paid on time, you must quote a reference on the invoice:

  • Enter the orderer’s first name and surname into the field for “Your reference”. If the field is occupied by ESV’s order number (see below), the orderer’s name is to be entered into another reference field on the invoice.
  • If you receive an order number, (ES + eight figures) it is to be entered into the specific field for the order number on the invoice.
  • If there is no such field, the order number is to be entered into the field for “Your reference” instead. Only enter the order number into the field, do not write any other text.

Paper invoices – exceptional cases

The requirement for e-invoicing applies to any public procurement processes initiated after April 1, 2019, including direct procurement.

We prefer all suppliers to use e-invoicing. However, paper invoices may be used for supply of goods or services procured before April 1, 2019, and if e-invoicing is not stipulated in the existing contract.

In these cases, you shall send the paper invoice to the following address:

FE 7772
SE-831 91 Östersund

Economy details

Corporate identity number: 202100-5026
VAT registration number: SE202100502601