The Acting Director-General is Mr Clas Olsson.

The agency is organised in four departments that work with specific subject areas. The departments are:

  • Central Government Accounting and Management
    Head of Dept, Deputy Director-General: Mr Peter Kvist
  • Outcome and Forecast of the Central Government Budget
    Head of Dept: Mr Bo Stoltz.
  • Coordination of IT System Hermes
    Head of Dept: Mr Peter Linderoth 
  • Audit of EU funds under shared management
    Head of Dept: Ms Ulrika Bergelv.

ESV's Advisory Council

The ESV has an Advisory Council which is appointed by the Government and which acts as an adviser to the Director General. The responsibility of the Council is to contribute to ensuring that ESV´s activities can be pursued efficiently and in accordance with their aims. The chairperson of the council is the Director General.