About the ESV

The Swedish National Financial Management Authority, ESV, is responsible for developing public-sector financial management. This is the method used by the Government for the management and control of government agencies.

We develop accounting rules and issue regulations and general guidance. Each year we publish a financial management rating for every government agency. The rating is based on our assessment of how well the agencies are adhering to the requirements stipulated in the accounting rules.

The ESV is responsible for establishing the generally accepted accounting principles in central government and for the development and administration of the central government accounting system, Hermes. We contribute to the faultless management of EU structural funds.

The ESV also produces and analyses information concerning central government finances. We make regular estimates of the outcome of the government budget and publish four budget forecasts each year. In our forecasts we calculate, among other things, government expenditure in relation to the expenditure ceiling and the budget balance. Our ambition is to identify any risks to public finances at an early stage.

We run extensive training, support and consulting activities in our operational areas. These activities are directed towards both government agencies and the Government Offices.

The ESV is located in Stockholm and has some 150 employees.